Balance Your Glitter Look

It becomes very stubborn situation when one shines superfluous in a day or in office. To balance the same, one needs to tone up the every extra layer of glitter added in to the appearance.

One needs to cut down those extra layers with little balance, and then they are “Ready-to-hit” every day look. A myth that glitter is completely meant for party and wedding is all not true. Do you think glitter should be restricted for party’s’ and weddings? Off course not, every woman deserves to shine in every season, occasion and most importantly, everyday! A little shine in daily look is necessary to avoid grey look. One can balance their glitter look by throwing some pixy dust in their makeup, accessories, outfit and shoes.

Let’s focus on some of the key areas that will help one to balance the glitter look:-

1. Glittery Makeup: - While you are heading to office or even on a casual day, a little dust of glitter on the eyes will make you shine through the day. Keep in mind that the outfit is not heavy in terms of its appearance. A dazzling glitter and rifle eye liner will completely transform in “Ready-to-hit” look. Try to avoid shiny glitter balms on the lips as it will come out as a disaster and ultimately make one look over done up.

2. Wear Glitters on Nails: - When one is avoiding the glitter completely in their look but desire to add it in a different way, they can wear glitter on their nails. It will not just enhance the whole look but also prepare a person for all-day confidence and sharpen the look. Try to wear it with coral and pastel shades, as they look very glamorous.

3. Little Glitter on Accessories: - Accessories plays an important role in a woman’s life. They never overlook to wear accessories even on a sole day. Women wear accessories in various forms, such as watches, scarfs, neckpieces, bracelets or earnings. However, when heading to their office one is a bit hesitant to wear shiny earning or dazzling neckpieces. Therefore when women feel like adding a little glitter in their office appeal, they wear gentle silver metal or diamond earrings to give a feminine, glittery yet classy look. Studded watches also add that hint of glitter to one’s daily wear.

4. Glittery Tick Tock: - There is no harm in wearing meagre glitter on your tick tocks. For a Be-Real look choose very little glitter. For a daytime look, canvas in glitter works great. A little glitter just on the edge of your tick tock is perfect as an office wear. Don’t hesitate to wear it, it will just increase the list of your fashion followers.

5. Glitter on Handbags: - If one is really glitter lover, then one can think about incorporating it via glitter handbags in their daily life. The options are limitless and one can get their hands on any of the party or official handbags of Wills Life style. They are classic and sumptuous in terms of styling. The bags will not just compliment one’s glam quotient but also create a unique style statement.

6. Glitter Outfit: - Special care must be taken while wearing glitter in outfits. Women can’t incorporate glitter in their outfits as they want. For office, choose shirts that have little glitter buttons. It will not just add a gloss but also complete the official look. For daytime, try to add glittery tees or have patchwork to add a zing to the look and for a fresh appeal. Night time, one can wear a light shimmered dress with single tone stilettos and nued shade jewellery for a sharp smart look.

The balance of glitter is required not just for daytime or office look however it is required for party or weddings. One can glam on any occasion by adding various surprises to their looks. Keep in mind to add a hind of glitter and get glam, and not play aroubd the glitter in abundance.