History for Hawaii Fashion: - The history of Hawaii fashion was based on the climate of Hawaii. Due to living in a benign climate, the Hawaiian requirement for clothing was minimal. In the sunny climate of Hawaii, women wore rectangular shawls called "Kihei" or skirts and Men wore loincloths called "Malo".

In 1930's "Aloha Shirts," were introduced called the heart of Hawaiian fashion hit the mainland and ended up in Hollywood still worn today by locals and tourists. Aloha Shirts have a basic pattern which is button downs that depict island themes and exotic prints. In 1940's tropical, casual, lightweight, brightly printed, long or short cotton dresses were introduced and worn by popular celebrities included Lauren Bacall, Shirley temple and Veronica Lake.

The long and different versions of Hawaiian fashion history was quite interesting which inspired the current fashion trends of Hawaiian and are most common fashion inspired from Hawaii like shorts, Spaghetti Straps, Flip Flops, Pau's Skirts (nine yards of fabric wrapped to cover legs flow majestically to the ground) and Palaka meaning plaid commonly worn by cowboys and mountains to represent Hawaiian Culture. Hawaii Fashion inspires the different shades of Hawaiian. Let's have a look for some of the inspired shades of Hawaii:-

Hawaiian Jewellery: - Hawaii fashion is commonly known for their beautiful Hawaiian jewellery as the men and women were topless- they wore decorations around the wrists and ankles. Originally whalebone or dog's teeth were worn which now have been replaced with the flowers. Today, the original version of flowers have been replaced with the silver, metal and golden material of jewellery. One can easily find the silver and golden material flower as neckpieces, earrings, hair accessory, bracelets, anklets, and rings inspired from coral and Hawaii shades.

Hawaiian Sunglasses: - One can never complete their Hawaii look without the Hawaiian sunglasses. Whether one is looking forward to wearing Hawaii sunglasses on a beach party or any other occasion a cute, peppy and something tropical shades of Hawaii is always a key of Hawaiian style look. The tropical fruits on sunglasses or a coconut tree leaves or something funky yet cute frame of sunglasses is a perfect for beach parties. A turquoise blue, coral and sea green colour sunglasses is a perfect both for men and women and will give a chic and classy look. For a complete look for Hawaii, a collection of Maui Jim Hawaiian sunglasses for men and women will work as a key in every occasion.

Hawaiian Bags: - Hawaiian fashion is an inspiration of tropical flowers, colours, coconut tree leaves and aloha fashion. For an immense experience of beaches, one can use a different style tactics of Hawaii in which bags is a version of Hawaii fashion. For a Hawaii look, one can carry Hawaiian pattern canvas bags, turtle printed bags, tote bags, messenger bags backpacks and wristlet. This will give a fresh look whilst you styling.

Hawaiian Footwear: - The most common and all-time favourite and inspired from Hawaiian fashions are Hawaiian footwear's. The Polynesian floral patterned flip-flops, canvas shoes, sneakers and Hawaiian pattern slippers are perfect for a true resort vibe and will go perfectly in the spring, summer and monsoon season.

Hawaiian Inspired Dresses: -The Hawaiian flowers and leaves inspired dresses for any occasion in different silhouette styling in tropical colours like, aqua blue, green, coral shades, and a sunflower yellow is perfect for a complete Hawaiian look. One can also wear Tropical, casual, lightweight, brightly printed, long or short cotton dresses, denim shorts with Hawaiian floral pockets, spaghetti straps, Pau's Skirts for Hawaiian inspired look will flow majestically on all body and skin types. The billowy long maxi dresses are also perfect to create a vogue story of Hawaiian fashion.

"In short, a smart Hawaiian look is a combination of Hawaiian accessories or dresses that can team up with any of the casual look and you are good to go for the beach parties"