How you style yourself is a reflection of your personality!

Personality of an individual is not just created by the clothes you wear it even depends upon the shoes you walk on. Shoes give’s one the confidence and posture to look elegant and flaunt themselves.

“ Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally”.

- Christian Louboutin

Buying a pair of shoes has always had an effect on women, as it’s been an integral part of their life since the time of Cinderella! Women need to be in fashion always along with having comfort and their style intact. If one is looking for the perfect blend of style and comfort, you’ll love the POINTY FLAT FOOTWEAR trend this season. There is something subtly elegant about the flats, and it even adds an element of interest to both your day as well as night time garments.

Pointy Flat Footwear can be termed as the Marmite Trend. The footwear looks extremely classy, sophisticated and elegant. It can be pulled off with all dresses. A pair of pointy flat footwear would look extremely breathtaking with a little black dress or a pair of skinny jeans.

The Pointy Flat Footwear is a classy trend, therefore every women wants to follow it. But, due to its shape, a few women find it uncomfortable as according to them they find it constricting on their toes. One surely needs to take a lot of care of what they wear, as comfort needs to have a high quotient followed by style. The different colors and styles the footwear is available in attract a lot of women to wards following the trend.

Boring strappy flats have taken a backseat, and the fashionistas are setting a new trend with the pointy flat footwear. Break the fashion rules, and style your feet with the latest trend of the season. Wear the pointy flat footwear on your party or on your relaxing holiday along with your favorite summer dress.

Get all eyes on you when standing amongst a crowd and create a fashion trend to be followed. Keep comfort and style together and flaunt your feet with the beautiful pointy flat footwear this season. Keep your style, comfort and fashion sense intact and become a fashionista and trendsetter by wearing the beautiful footwear that will enhance the beauty of your feet and compliment your personality overall. Become a trendy and fashionable with panache!