Once you become an Old hand Men's Fashion Suit Fashionista, you may have thought about getting yourself some Real Mens Crocodile Shoes. When it comes to dressing ritzy, you would be hard pressed to zero in on any shoes more arresting than Crocodile style shoes. In the world dominated by the same old thing, when you decide to get a pair of these bad boys, it will be hard for anyone to not to notice your feet. A sure-shot way to get the highlight upon you. The main reason why crocodile shoes stand out head and shoulder above others is because they usually are a fancy Italian designed shoe based on the latest styling. It's not like an Italian designer just took your basic business oxford shoe and made the uppers out of crocodile skin, not at all The shoes usually offer style and slickness that a pair of business shoes, in any way shape or form, can’t be any way nearer to. Crocodile shoes may have a square shaped toe box that may either be narrow or wider in tune with the style of the day. The crocodile shoes of more than one color or even three colors put together are on offer. They are truly meant for the person who really wants to shine. When was the last time you came across someone wearing shoes that came in three colors?? Exactly. Now, since the crocodile leather doesn’t grow on trees but on real crocodiles, you are certainly not expecting the crocodile leather shoes for dime a dozen. It is an open and shut case of ‘Demand and Supply’. Crocodiles are an endangered species and are not hunted widely except in very few countries where they are in abundance. Nor are they reared in farms as widespread as cattle. Thus, you have to shell out some serious money for genuine crocodile leather shoes, after all they are about serious style. Starting from $300 they could go up pretty steep to $1500 – 2000. Though, lucky for you crocodile style shoes are available in basic look alike for about $50 that come in practically every color andall kinds of styles or Genuine leather crocodile prints for $ 70 to 80. The leather used is usually cow leather. But if you really want to treat yourself we recommend the real crocodile shoes (and some real money to be shelled !!!). You don't need to buy all of your shoes collection in real crocodile but it's wonderful to have a couple so you can truly appreciate how wonderful they really are.