"I think there is beauty in everything. What 'normal' people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it." — Alexander McQueen

The above quote is apt for people who make their own style and break the monotony of trends. Stripes is a fashion trend suited to people have a taste for elegance yet want be stylish. This season one does not need to search for classic examples of stripes. The two colored striped print is out in the market to give you a cool and contemporary look when the temperature rises. Stripes come with the range of structured horizontal to vertical forms. It gives a contemporary yet elegant look that can be carried by all body types.Striped garments can be handled easily. One can revamp a simple outfit without the use of bright colors, and just with the use of stripes.High fashion streets throughout the world have garments showcased based on stripes. One can keep it simple by wearing a nice pair of sandals and sunglasses in the smoking summer, or a hat along with the contemporary styled stripe dress in a plain shade. Having striped garments in your wardrobe, increases options to mix and match garments to flaunt a different yet unique elegant style.

Numerous versions of striped are available in the market. Few tips and style suggestions to make you look classy, elegant and different this season are:

1)Test your stripe: -Like any fabric, stripes are also of two types. One is even stripes and other is uneven stripes. One can determine it by folding horizontally and then turn a corner down at a right angle and see it when the stripes match. If they match one has an even stripe, and if they don't it is an uneven stripe. Choose the stripes you would want to flaunt according to your fashion sense.

2)Prefer simple shapes and minimal stripes: -One should always prefer simple shapes and minimal stripes as they are easy to carry and give a subtle look. Some patterns say "not suitable for stripes', so it is very important to tackle your striped dresses, accessories, footwear etc. efficiently that means go with minimal stripes and simple shapes.

3)Match the stripes vigorously: -If you match your stripes vigorously the result would be pleasant to watch. A simple trick while you carry a stripe is to match all horizontal seams and set it accordingly. Like a simple mix n match will always come out as a perfect outfit. Match horizontal lines with vertical for an unconventional look. A pattern with a centre front seam is perfect for setting your stripes at an angle to create a chevron effect.

4)Stripe skirt: - Stripe skirt always remain trendy, whether you're choosing for street style, weekend party, formal look, or a mix with a plain or a crop top for daily wear. Any individual can handle and play with it. Horizontal stripes are basically the stripes that don't repeat crosswise on your fabric and can be matched. It might be difficult to get the edges of the pattern to match exactly, so instead try to match in simple yet plain top or a shirt.

5)Blend of colourful stripes: -Though most of the time we prefer to go with zebra colour stripes for a clean look. However, if you blend your stripes with some colours it will not just provide you a fresh look but also keep you cool in summer. A four to five colourful stripe in single dress strike a prominent look. With the help of multiple shades, one can create an ombre effect.

6)Stripe with little details: - Just like plaid fabric, stripes can also add a surprising element in your garment. It is on you, how you want the stripes. It depends on the individual whetheryou want stripes in cuffs, collars, pockets, pipeline or yokes. Choose your style or design the look you want to flaunt.