The universal fact: black pants are indispensable and every woman has few pairs in her closet. But if you wear them at least once a week, odds are that you might be losing much time and a few strands of hair (while head-scratching) to come up with fresh and chic outfit ideas. Thus, to continue to be in your good books, we have some up with few rules of wearing black and some outfits that complement those staple pair of black pants. Black is graceful and chic; black is slimming; black works well with all skin tones and all hair colors. Black, however, can also very well be one-dimensional and dull. Thus, if you want to keep that easiness of dressing in black on those hectic mornings, there are a few rules to follow that will avoid a fashion accident for you

1. Vary the fabrics and textures. Nothing looks drabber than an all-black attire that is all cotton.

2. Make sure the fabric selection is appropriate as per season.

3. Take benefit of the fact that black is slimming and get the clothes to be more fitted and pleasing, rather than formless and drab.

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