Many folks prefer trousers or pants for comfort reasons, or simply as a result of they find it more ‘dressier’ (Really, may be not No!).

Nonetheless, a fitted jeans or either, we should call it discerning Jean, can invariably offer you a look to crave for and much beyond then various other legwear, its  simply  capable.

Go as trim as your build will take, and don’t be afraid of designs that are hot in season. There are  many choices out there, as Denim has no season but all seasons literally, don’t be fussy you need to be fashionable to agree with us( you may smile a bit Dude) . Once agree, you’re guaranteed to get the look of your choice for sure which is quite in sync with your very own style..

Here is The denim challenge: attempt to go per week only with denim , replacing yours existing  with a well-fitting pair of jeans. mix them with everything from tees and animal skin bombers to Oxford shirts and blazers.

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